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Access Control

At PDK we are passionate about creating technology to enhance the security, safety and overall experience of both the professionals that are installing electronic access control and those that live with and use the system each day. We have thousands of systems managing tens of thousands of doors throughout North America alone. We continue to create technology every day to enhance our products and the products of our technology partners.

HID Proximity/iClass

Card Reader in Montreal

HID Global is an industry leader providing a diversity of reader and card technologies, such as Proximity, iclass, iclass SE and Multiclass.

HID products are the number one choice for compatibility, innovation, and efficiency. HID Global provides a lifetime warranty on cards and readers. Contact us for details.


Solutions of Tomorrow

STid is a leader in the development of contactless identification solutions developed on RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

AWID Readers

RFID Technology

Specialist in Proximity and UHF technologies, Applied Wireless is recognized for their parking applications. AWID adapts easily to the majority of access control systems.  Furthermore, they offer long-range passive RFID solutions making AWID an economical option. 

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